About the Artwork

Alyssa Ligmont


The white stoneware clay is thrown and altered by carving, with stamps and also clay additions. Multiple glazes and underglazes are applied to achieve rich surface decoration. All glazes are food safe and lead free. Gas and electric kilns high fire the clay to create beautiful tableware, kitchen tools and whimsical sculptures.

Due to the variations in a handmade item each piece is a little different and the color and size may vary.

Tableware and Kitchen Tools

Brie Bakers

Attractive and well-designed this brie baker will last for a long time of entertaining. This is a dish for use in your oven or microwave for baking brie, single serving pies, brownies, small one person casseroles, or pot pies.

Omelets Makers

Step up your breakfast game and make a hearty meal in seconds with this dish. Just place the ingredients and dish and microwave, you’re well on your way to a fast and delicious meal anytime. Great for college students and anyone who wants a quick meal.

Grater Plate

Love to dip fresh bread into seasoned oil at Italian restaurants?  Now you can make your own fresh ground herbs at home.  Fun to use when entertaining and they make a great gift for your favorite chef or hostess. Each plate is made on the potter’s wheel, hand carved one notch at a time.


Each one is unique and different. Making coffee and tea any time of day extra special.

The greatness of art is not to find what is common but what is unique.

— Isaac Bashevis Singer